Rumour : SEGA making XBLA Natal Supported Sonic Racing Game

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Everyone! Please try your best to contain your excitement! Woah now…no pushing there at the back. With how absolutely incredible Sonic games have been over the past few years, news like this is certain to cause an avalanche of enthusiasm.

According to Joystiq’s sources, SEGA are hard at work on a Natal supported entry in to Sonic Riders franchise, to be revealed at E3.

Sonic Free riders will apparently  be a motion controlled racing affair, where you’ll attain power ups and weapons by reaching out to the the screen. Naturally you’ll then hurl these at your opponents like a crazed, poo-flinging monkey. It sounds like it could be fun. The game is supposedly going to be available via Xbox Live Arcade.

Sounds kinda cool, but I’m not sure the ailing Sonic franchise is one to look at if you want this Natal thing to..y’know…be successful.

Source : Joystiq

Last Updated: June 3, 2010

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