Rumour: Sony developing a pre-Spider-Man Aunt May solo movie

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If you thought Fox was up to no good with its Marvel Comics properties, then wait till you get a load of this new rumour. It’s become abundantly clear that Sony don’t quite have a full grasp on what they want to do with their Amazing Spider-Man franchise. The first film was decent enough (it lucked out with fantastic casting) that Sony bet the farm on its follow-up,  The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Way Too Many Villains and Bad Dubstep Music Electro, planning to use it as a springboard for an entire shared universe of Spidey-movies. Not only did that film not live up to Sony’s billion-dollar box-office predictions, but it also took a shellacking from critics, leaving the studio to start rethinking their plans.

With every grumble we hear, those “supposed plans” get ever more desperate sounding, and now word has come down the grapevine that the studio may just be considering the most ridiculous and desperate of the lot. Latino Review‘s Da7e is reporting that that Sony are in fact developing a solo movie around Aunt May. Yes, that Aunt May. The cookie baking, worried about the bills, foster mom to Peter Parker Aunt May. I will now give you a moment to apply the necessary palm to your face.

So what would an Aunt May solo movie even be about? Just Sally Field sitting at home watching the news about Spider-Man involved in some big fight or another before unknowingly remarking that she hopes that Peter isn’t close to all that danger? *nudge nudge wink wink*

No, that would actually still be believable as a character study with an intriguing twist. Instead, according to LR’s sources, this movie would follow Aunt May when she was still a young single lady, not yet burdened with the task of raising her nephew or being wife to the fatally fated Uncle Ben. And this young May will apparently get wrapped up in some “espionage story”. According to LR’s sources, Sony are taking pains to not say it, but this would essentially be their answer to Marvel’s Agent Carter, which sees Hayley Atwell starring as secret agent asskicker Peggy Carter getting up to adventures in the 1950’s.

Yes, Aunt May may be a spy. You may now take the time to apply a second palm to your face. Also, please don’t mind the noise. That’s merely the sound of the bottom of a barrel being scraped bare.

Last Updated: November 12, 2014

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