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Rumour suggests all three Dark Souls game could come to Nintendo Switch

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Dark Souls 3 could come to Switch

With the year winding down in terms of big reveals (and what a year it has been for those) all eyes are now on Nintendo’s early 2017 press conference for their Nintendo Switch. The home console/ handheld hybrid is set to make a massive splash at the live event in January, with Nintendo hopefully discussing release dates, pricing and, most importantly, games. Games which hopefully include a healthy library of third-party titles. Titles that you wouldn’t expect to see on a Nintendo platform – like Dark Souls for example.

From Software were just one of the names on the massive splash screen of third-party developers released after the Switch was revealed, but they have yet to announce any plans to bring previous Souls titles to the platform just yet. That could change soon after the Switch launches though, as Nintendo insider Laura Dale (one of the people who nailed the Switch reveal to the wall) reports that the developer is looking at sales figures with keen interest.

Not only that, but From Software does reportedly already have Dark Souls 3 running acceptably on the Switch dev kit, although they’re not ready to commit to a re-release just yet. Should the Switch hit figures they find financially feasible to work on a port for, From Software will apparently look at launching all three Souls games on the Switch as a massive collection, along with all DLC. Should that take place, From might aim to launch alongside new additions of Dark Souls 3 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC next year, which will include all previously released DLC.

That indicates some sense of intent, considering those new editions will likely not take the entire year to compile. It’s interest from third-parties like this that makes the Nintendo conference in January so important, and the launch of the hardware itself even more so. Nintendo need to make people want this device more than anything else in the month of March, and then make sure they don’t pull a NES-Mini and actually stock it well.

Last Updated: December 7, 2016

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