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Rumour – That ‘other’ XCOM game might not be a FPS title anymore

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown is pretty much the XCOM game that fans have been waiting for, thanks in part to the fact that the other game in that franchise, a FPS prequel, had to be delayed by quite a bit of time, as some serious reworking was needed on the retro alien-busting, set in the heart of 1960s Americana. It’s been a troubled production run so far, and now, it looks like 2K is going to make the best of it, and possibly release this version of XCOM as a cheap downloadable game, instead of a premium title.

A recent survey confirmed that while Bioshock 2 developer, 2K Marin, is still working on the game, but it’s taking a very different turn. Kotaku received the following screenshots from a reader, who took part in that survey, with the images below showing a very drastic departure from what was revealed in 2010.

In addition, it looks like PC gamers are going to be left out in the cold once again, as the survey has made no mention of the game being available on that platform, and will most likely be taking the I Am Alive route, by being a downloadable Xbox 360/PS3 game instead, with the survey asking participants how they would feel about such a move.

When Kotaku contacted 2K for a comment, all they had to say was “We have not made any new announcements regarding the XCOM title currently in development at 2K Marin, and it is our policy not to comment on rumours or speculation.”

So it’s not a yes or a no then.

If it is true, it really is a pity that the parallel XCOM game would going down this route. That’s not to say that whatever 2K Marin is busy on is a terrible game, but then again, in a market oversaturated with FPS titles and shooters, from a financial standpoint, it’s a sound decision.

But from a gaming perspective, it is kind of sad.

Last Updated: October 1, 2012

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