Rumour: The Lost and Damned Hitting PS3 Later This Year

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According to an article on GamingFront, the latest issue of PSW magazine is claiming that the previously exclusive to Xbox 360 DLC, The Lost and Damned, is going to be heading to the PS3 in August of this year.

It seems as though Microsoft only had a 6 month deal for the exclusivity, and according to post on VG247, that is where PSW magazine came up with their August release date. None of this has been confirmed yet, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up just yet.

Earlier this year, I reviewed The Lost and Damned for Xbox 360 and was really impressed with the DLC, so if this does prove true, and you are a PS3 owner looking for more GTA IV action, this will definitely be worth your interest.

Source: GamingFront (Just a warning, I got a “This site may be unsafe” warning when I visited this site)

Last Updated: May 11, 2009

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