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Rumour–The next Resident Evil game will be “the biggest departure the series has ever taken”

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Resident Evil may have a formula wherein just enough action is balanced out by thrills, chills and some good ol’s sleuthing in zombie-infested cities, but it’s a setup that has proven to be massively flexible over the years. You could say that Resident Evil is also at its best when it tinkers with that formula, forging ahead in new directions and coming up with a novel twist within its world of ankle-biting undead and bioweapons running amok.

Resident Evil 4 set a new benchmark for the series when it swapped the vast metropolis of Raccoon City for a sleepy European hamlet that was home to all manner of new nightmares, Resident Evil 5 upped the action ante and Resident Evil 7 was a back to basics approach that made the most of VR headset technology to deliver the spookiest entry in the series.

With two solid remakes in the can, what’s next for Capcom’s flagship thriller? Another massive swerve from the undead norm. That’s the word according to reliable leaker AestheticGamer on Twitter (Cheers Games Radar), who says that the latest Resident Evil will be “the biggest departure the series has ever taken.”

Oooh, I’m hoping it’s a Theatrhythm version of Resident Evil. While it’s probably not that (THE FOOLS!), the new project will supposedly be revealed soon enough. What’s unclear is if this project is Resident Evil 8 or something else entirely, syncing up to rumours about a new chapter in the series returning to the spooky hills of Europe and featuring more than recently reanimated corpses hungry for your shoulder flesh.

A couple of months back when rumours began swirling about, one of the salt-pinchiest ones was that players would also have to deal with werewolves in addition to the undead. OH YAY LIKE NEMESIS WASN’T BAD ENOUGH! Whatever the next game turns out to be, at least it’s building on a solid foundation. The Resident Evil remakes were obscenely good-looking in their construction, the pattern for thrills and chills is down pat over at Capcom and the series is healthier than ever now that Capcom is back to focusing on good games over live service cash-grabs.

Whatever it is that Capcom has brewing in their labs, I can’t wait to see it.

Last Updated: March 31, 2020

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