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Latest Resident Evil 8 rumours over werewolves and ghosts could be from an earlier, ditched build of the game

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Resident Evil 6 may have been Capcom’s virulent franchise at its lowest and most bloated point, but sweet T-Virus was its follow-up sequel Resident Evil 7 something else. A back to basics approach that slapped you in the face with tense first-person VR horror as you made your way through southern inhospitality, the game was a revelation and the shot in the arm that Capcom needed to set themselves back on the golden path of video game development.

Since then, they’ve been cranking out some stellar remakes for the most iconic chapters in the franchise with many a pundit presuming that Resident Evil 8 was being worked on in the background. Saw what’s the deal with the latest sequel then? Another return to more singular horror or a second effort at taking the idea of Resident Evil and adding some blockbuster flavour to it?

Regular leaker AestheticGamer claimed that Resident Evil 8 has indeed been in the works for a while, but yesterday saw a fresh batch of salt-pinching rumours make the rounds. According to YouTube Channel Residence of Evil, their sources at Biohazard Declassified claim that Resident Evil 8 will feature:

  • First-person game mode
  • Zombies are back
  • Ethan from Resident Evil 7 is the protagonist
  • There’s a new enemy type: Freakin’ werewolves
  • More like Beware-Wolves amirite
  • Chris Redfield will also return

According to Eurogamer, their own sources corroborated some of that info, such as the first-person perspective that helps to sell the idea of new Resident Evil entries sticking to that viewpoint so that they can differentiate themselves from the third-person remakes. Eurogamer also says that the player will have a nemesis of their own, a “female apparition which chases you through castle and village environments”.

And here’s where things get tricky. Cycling back to Aesthetic Gamer, the leaker took to Twitter yesterday and says that the recent leaks all point towards a very early build of Resident Evil 8 that didn’t exactly test well with audiences.

So at this point, the salt still needs to be pinched because who knows. The idea of a B-movie Resident Evil may live on as a side-game in the series while Capcom sticks to what works for the main entries in the series, but for now the only way to truly know what’s going in that universe is to wait for an official reveal to drop.

Last Updated: January 29, 2020

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