Rumour–Sony wants to ship a LOT of PS4s

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Think back to the last couple of console launches, and there’s a sob story or two of how little Timmy never got a Playbox 365 because the shops all sold out before he could get one. Little Timmy is also a dick, and it was totally worth shoving him off a balcony so that I could claim his spot in the line. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST! This year however, Sony is hoping to avoid not having enough consoles to go around, because it looks like they’ll be producing Doctor Evil numbers of the upcoming PlayStation 4.

According to the Taiwan Digitimes site via Kotaku, sources are indicating that Sony wants 16 million consoles ready for homes come the Christmas Rush parappapumpum, and will begin sending out the devices from August. Local highly resourced sweatshops Foxconn and Pegatron will be in charge of assembling the device, and making certain that that ridiculous number is met.

And what a number it is. While I doubt that Sony will see poor sales of the device over the holiday rush when people cash in that 13th payslip, 16 million is a pretty high number overall, although it could also refer to the financial year for Sony as well. Sony isn’t ready to comment on those numbers either, but it might be safe to say that Little Timmy will get a console in time this year, for once.

Nah, screw that, I’m going to throw the little turd off a balcony again.

Last Updated: March 7, 2013

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