R.U.S.E – for once the gameplay video beats out the PR video

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A title that we haven’t given any love to since it was shown at E3 has been R.U.S.E,  honestly I didn’t even see the PR at E3 and it was only after I was having a conversation yesterday that it came up.

So I went over and took at look at the official PR video from E3 where 2 blatant male models play this dodgy looking strategy game on the awesome Microsoft surface table.

Minority Report effects aside the game looked pretty poor but then I took a wander over to the offiical site and watched the gameplay video there and have now changed my mind again.

R.U.S.E appears to be yet another attempt at an RTS on consoles (even though it is also coming to the PC) but the gameplay shown below really does appeal to me.

Instead of trying multiple ways of getting a console’s controller to work with an RTS they appear to have completely redesigned the command system and ordering system of an RTS with a console in mind.

It’s still early days and I haven’t seen any more than the videos here but I’ll keep an open mind for now.

Oh one last thing, someone shoot whoever put together the PR video, it really isn’t awesome.

Last Updated: June 12, 2009

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