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Ryse comes with microtransactions

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Ryse: Son of Rome is one of Xbox One’s launch titles, and has garnered a lot of attention. Sure, it looks pretty cool, but now we  hear that it will have microtransactions for multiplayer. Um, are you guys sure you want to do that with a launch title meant to win people over?

Ryse’s multiplayer progression is based on armor. As explained to Videogamer.com at Gamescom:

“The way that you get armour is very similar to how you get it in like Mass Effect or FIFA. You only earn gold while playing multiplayer [and] you use that gold to buy booster packs. Those booster packs contain random sets of loot. Based on the different tiers of loot that you get – whether you buy Bronze, Silver or Gold Packs – guarantees whether you get rare or common items.

“One of the things that we did a little different is that you can buy them with in-game currency and real world currency. The difference is that if you’re close we also have small microtransactions.

“Say for instance a gold pack costs 15,000 gold, [and] you’ve only got 12,500 you can actually buy the difference and only spend a little bit to make it go to a Gold Pack. So we offer some variety there.”

Look, maybe this is what people like, or at least have come to expect from games – rather than wait to level up, your can just spend money.  But, it just seems like money grubbing to me. This might be the first game someone gets for their Xbox One; after spending a ton of cash on the console, and another sizable sum for the game itself, you now want more money so that I can get the better pants (or skirt, I suppose)?  Yes, I get that you don’t have to, you can use in-game money instead, but we all know how these things work out in multiplayer – say hello to some overpowered rich idiot!

Last Updated: August 22, 2013

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