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Respawn Entertainment responds to questions regarding Apex Legends expensive cosmetics

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Apex Legends, the best battle royale game on the market right now, does admittedly have a monetization problem. Players have often criticised the game’s cosmetics for being too expensive, which seems fair given that spending nearly R300 on in-game skins feels excessive. During a Reddit AMA, user x5hadau suggested asked if Respawn was looking into ways to make the game’s microtransactions more affordable across the board. Given how EA has had… issues answering such questions on Reddit in the past, Respawn’s director of communication Ryan K. Rigney pulled in the “monetization guy” to answer the question.


While the answer given by this “monetization guy” was long and fairly detailed, it didn’t really answer much in terms of the game’s future. “We think about [pricing] constantly and it’s tough because we want Apex to be around for a loooooong time. Us being able to continue to make the game depends on operating a healthy business. We’re hoping players understand this is something we’re working hard to balance, but when you consider the full picture, it’s a tough challenge,” reads the response. The answerer continues on to say, “Knowing not everyone can pay these prices, that’s why the Prize track system was created so that we can give away pretty high value rewards for just playing and that’s why we have a free track in the Battle Pass as well.”


From the sounds of things, you shouldn’t get your hopes too high on some kind of price reduction on in-game skins. The answerer does also comment that generating in-game content is more expensive than many people think (hence the high prices) and the obligatory “gameplay first”, reinforcing that the company won’t gatekeep mechanical advantages behind paywalls. Whatever you take may be, I’m still waiting on an heirloom weapon and I’ll be damned if I fork out for extra loot boxes to get it.

Last Updated: May 24, 2021

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