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Ryse: Son of Rome Gladiator mode revealed

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I’ve been in my fair share of arena death matches. Usually, I wait for the fat guy to die first, piss myself, hide underneath his corpse and then cheese it when the brutality ends. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? And in Ryse: Son of Rome, it looks like there’ll be no place to hide whatsoever. But at least I’ll have a buddy by my side!

Details are scant right now, but the idea looks simple. You and your buddies team up, and kill everything that with a pulse in an arena that was probably designed by a Roman version of the Jigsaw killer. But make it interesting at least, in case you bore the audience.

Looks like you’ve got your standard coliseum, a forest arena and an underground location to spill some blood. Word on the street is that the combat in Ryse is also being tweaked, and while QTE slow motion events will still be present, the action is looking a touch more fluid here.


Last Updated: August 20, 2013

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