Ryse: The God of War Killer?

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Xbox Press Conference

The Xbox show off a fantastic hack and slash style game, featuring epic set pieces of huge battles.

We are treated to an epic opening cinematic, and the transition from cinematic to gameplay appears to be perfectly seamless. It uses the CryEngine and its an Xbox One Exclusive launch title, currently playable at E3. You play as a Roman General, beating the crap out of whoever gets in your way.

This does to me have elements of a God of War, same era, that sort of thing. There are a good few quick time events for example,  Yet it still looks and feels different. This is something ground more on realism and not fantasy, with you being part of an intense battlefield.

As you can see, it looks downright epic! All I can see is 300: the game.

Last Updated: June 10, 2013

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