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SA competitive gaming in the toilet again

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This is truly disappointing, this morning I got up to an anonymous tip that pointed me to a thread on SAGaming regarding accusations of cheating and match fixing in the Maingaming COD League.

It’s a seriously long read, the thread is locked at 14 pages, but I’ll summarise it for you very quickly.

A forum user called dastrix550 ZA posted an accusation in the beginning that F34R Elite fixed a game involving themselves and F34R Delta to ensure they got full points and progressed to the finals.

This accusation was quickly responded to by robdutchmonkey, an organiser and member of F34R Elite, who claimed that Delta didn’t have enough players and as such they forfeited and the game was played as a friendly instead. Which all seems pretty straight forward but there is obviously more to this as Dastrix refused to let it drop and through the next 12 pages of threads the accusations grew.

Eventually a member of F34R Elite Delta posted the following

K im going to come out with this now, before the game was played D3LT4 were told that we are giving Elite a 5-0 win , main reason being is that even though delta had lost 1 game we were out of the league. I completely disagreed with this as for me this is delibrate match fixing and cheating. I spoke my mind but no one seemed to listen , we played the game and got primal to play for us not because we had forfeited but because we had already decided the result. D3lT4 "forfeited" against elite is the lie of the century .. From now on people can call me a snitcher, traitor or what ever . I thought F34R was a clan above all the rest with higher morales but this has now gone completely out the window. I would also like to let everyone know that because of this im stopping gaming completely.

Amazingly Robdutchmonkey continued to protest his innocence but agreed to step aside from the team for the remainder of the season, however this wasn’t good enough for the rest of the teams in the league who now want F34R thrown out of the 2012 season entirely.

At this point I’m leaning towards F34R making a quick fire bad decision on the night and having some points docked seems to be a fair punishment. Then this bombshell was dropped by the leader of Delta team

On behalf of F34R_D3LT4, I would like to say the following:

Firstly, we would like to give our side of the story. We were approached by F34R_ELITE a couple of days before the match day was meant to take place and we were told that the score line of our match, F34R_ELITE vs F34R_D3LT4, would be 5-0 to F34R_ELITE and that we could still play the match, as a "friendly". We, F34R_D3LT4, then argued and said we disagreed with it and believed nothing good could come from cheating or match fixing and that we feel we should play the game fairly. We were then told that we had no chance in making the final and that this was what was going to be done because, in F34R_ELITE’s words, "rather have one F34R team in the final, than none." We tried to argue the case again but we were then shunned and told that we had no say in the matter.

In light of what F34R_DUTCHMONK3Y, or Rob, said about it being a "joke", if it were a "joke", then when we so strongly disagreed with the idea, we would have been told that it was a joke and the game would be played legitimately and fairly, but obviously this was not the case.

We as a team all agree that F34R_ELITE was wrong in what they did and feel that they should be punished adequately, for their actions. We also feel that we have been stabbed in the back, betrayed, cheated and are honestly devastated and hurt.

We would like to take this opportunity to say we are truly sorry for what our clan has done. We fully understand, that although it was not our decision and we were not the ones who cheated, we still play under the F34R name and are therefore involved and are willing to take whatever punishment is deemed fitting.

We as a team hope you can see our side of the story and that we have been cheated as much as you. In this regard we hope that you as the community will still allow us to finish competing in the MainGaming League as your equals.

Lastly, we would like to say that we wish to no longer be involved in this drama, as well as, these shenanigans. Because of this, we F34R_D3LT4, will be breaking away from F34R, creating a new clan and will no longer be affiliated with them in any way at all.


Things don’t get more clear cut than that, F34R have been caught blatantly cheating with 3 people involved in the match now stating they cheated, if Maingaming and SA competitive gaming has any chance of being a success harsh and swift punishment must be forthcoming.

My opinion, F34R Elite should be disqualified immediately from the 2012 season, Delta should have 25% of their points docked and Robdutchmonkey should be removed from the organising committee permanently (if he is part of it, this part is a bit confusing).

We’ve had a close working relationship with Maingaming in the past and I’ve been very impressed at their dedication and commitment to the cause. I don’t want to believe that the organisation itself is corrupt but we will only know after they make their official announcement later today.

As far as it’s only a game goes, competitive gaming is big business overseas and is something I’d like my children to be able to do professionally in South Africa as they grow up. This sort of incompetence, corruption and cheating needs to be stamped out instantly before it becomes ingrained in the industry.

Check out the current league standings here to see how this accusation revolves around the true top tier teams in the league

Last Updated: August 21, 2012

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