SA gamers now also entitled to free cash

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Filmore_Millard_by_tvskyle Always wondered why the rugby jocks were always the ones with the bursaries, while you and your fellow clan of gamers (that also compete in a recreational sense) never seem to get any form of incentive from the higher-ups?

Well, the main reason is that gaming in general in our fair country has always been seen as second-rate in comparison to things that seem more “physical” than mental. You might find it interesting that gaming in certain countries overseas is such an important ingredient of the country’s culture that it’s not at all weird to watch a DOTA match in a sold-out stadium arena.

Locally, things are however finally starting to change for the best as well, with the rest of the country gradually beginning to recognize that professional gaming is just as much of a sport or recreational activity as cricket and soccer is.

Many businesses and entrepreneurs are also keen to jump on the “gaming-friendly” bandwagon, sponsoring many gaming initiatives like massive LANS and so forth.

If you’re wondering how you can reap the benefits of this new mind-shift in the country, you’re in luck!  The national lottery distribution trust fund is inviting applicants from around the country to submit proposals for the possible funding of Sport and recreational activities and clubs. According to the document released by the national lottery, applications that support development and the increased accessibility of facilities will be given the highest priority.

This then means that if you are part of a gaming club or something similar, you will have to focus on how your club contributes to development in order to persuade some type of government funding. Proving that your club contributes to development should however be easier than one might think.

In the broad sense of the word, any type of recreational club of sorts contributes to development in the sense that it creates opportunities for a specific group of people to take part in a recreational activity that would otherwise not have been possible.

One could also argue that the gaming industry itself especially needs funding initiatives the most right now, seeing how the biggest part of the country is still blissfully ignorant of the extreme growth rate of gaming as a sport. The more capital is pumped into competitive gaming, the more opportunities there will be for awareness campaigns as well as general improvements in how big gaming events are planned and executed in a streamlined manner.

This general improvement could then lead to a better image of competitive gaming in the country, making sponsorships and other forms of funding seem the logical choice for young investors wanting to invest in something with that should lead to greater returns in the future.

So, if I’ve managed to convince you that gaming has earned its rightful place amongst other sport types in the country, why not try your luck by applying for funding from the national lottery distribution trust? For more information as well as more detailed criteria guidelines, visit the National lottery’s site at

For more info on electronic sports in general, visit

Last Updated: May 29, 2009

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