Saboteurs special PS3 tricks – beating out the 360 in multiplatform comparisons?

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It’s a well known fact that the Xbox 360 version of cross platform titles have consistently been the better quality when it comes to graphical comparisons. This was often down to the fact that the PS3’s anti aliasing ability went missing while the 360 is actually pretty good at it.

Well things may be about to change, Digital Foundry have put up a pretty technical post explaining the new anti-jaggy feature that the PS3 version of Saboteur uses and as you can see from the image above the difference is pretty remarkable.

It also cannot be replicated by the 360 as it is dependent on those extra SPU’s to do the boring work while the GPU does all the fun stuff. If you are technically minded then head on over to to Digital Foundry for all the details else feel free to leave a Xbox 360 sux0rz post after the break.

There is also a higher quality comparison image after the break to really see the differences up close and personal.


Oh and before the Xbox 360 fans point out the obvious, the games haven’t been officially compared yet so the PS3 hasn’t won yet… but we really expect it to.

Last Updated: December 10, 2009

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