Saint’s Row IV’s Dubstep gun gets METAL

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Saint’s Row: The Third perhaps overdid it with the DLC a bit – there was some new skin pack, Genki challenge or other bit of downloadable ridiculousness just about every week after that game’s release. People put up with it, without raging too much though, because the game itself was awesome and it was all just extra fluff. The same thing seems to be happening with Saint’s Row IV.

Just last week we told you of some pointless SRIV DLC – and now there’s some DLC focusing specifically at just a single gun within the game; the  infamous Dubstep gun. It’s getting some DLC to add a wider selection of music to it, making it more of a “general purpose music gun.”

With the pack, the Dubstep Gun can be transformed into a Classical, Death Metal, Polka or Swing Gun. You can, if you’re the sort to pay for things you don’t really want or need, pick it up in game on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 for $2.99. I love Saint’s Row, but the game’s nickle-and-dime DLC is quite frankly ridiculous.

Last Updated: September 5, 2013

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