Samsung likes Kinect gamers, sponsors free DLC

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Alright, so Samsung didn’t exactly say that they like Kinect gamers, but they’re implying that by bringing free DLC for Kinect Sports – the game that shipped with all Kinect peripherals totally didn’t ship with all Kinect peripherals because that was Kinect Adventures (thanks Noodle!). They’re doing this because they’re a loving, friendly corporate giant with no hidden agenda of advertising their brand in the process. Not that that matters because “free” is always welcome, even if it means selling your soul to The Man.

The free DLC brings six new mini games for events in Kinect Sports. There’s a video after the jump which shows you what each entails if you can endure the god-awful music. Target Smash looks like fun, but Pinvaders looks like a butt-load of fun. There are also three new mascots coming to the game: Champion Chicken, Zippy Zombie and Sportastico.

This just in: “Sportastico” is the coolest name ever and is the future name of my first-born child.

The DLC is available to download for free right now.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: December 15, 2010

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