Samsung’s S6 bends as easily as the iPhone 6

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Samsung bend

It was a Samsung fan’s wet dream last year when reports regarding the iPhone 6 Plus’ tendency to bend in pockets surfaced online. What never used to be a standard test for smartphone superiority quickly turned into the only argument that mattered when choosing between the two brands, and there was very little to defend on the Apple side of life. The Samsung Galaxy S6, ironically, might have gone a bit to far with the plagiarism this time around though.

According to tests by SquareTrade, who test the durability of products to sell warranties, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge both have the most embarrassing feature of the iPhone 6 Plus: they bend, and quite easily. The tests carried out on the 6 Plus, S6 and HTC One M9 showed that the Apple and Samsung branded phones both bent horribly under the same amount of pressure (110 pounds of force), while the S6 also had its screen crack.

The phone was still operable, which is a step above the M9 which becomes absolutely useless at 120 pounds. All three phones were dealt pressure on the top-side, which Samsung believes is a misleading testing methodology. Responding to the claims, Samsung stated that there are in fact three major pressure points on the handset, and that the back of the phone features greater resistance to the bending force.

In fact, Samsung went as far as to refute the SquareTrade video in its entirety, posting their own version on testing that produced some very different results. According to Samsung, the S6 doesn’t bend under an exuberant 79 pounds of force – the equivalent of snapping five pencils in your hand.

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When it comes down to it, I tend to side with the neutral party in this case. Does that mean you should skip on the S6 entirely? Probably not, even if it ends up bending just as much as the iPhone 6 Plus. The reality is that smartphones nowadays are trying to be thinner and lighter all at once, so excessive force will eventually lead to damage. It’s up to you to mitigate that, or choose a phone that tosses thin aluminum backs aside altogether.

Still, it is a little hilarious to see Samsung with egg on their face, especially after their confident “this stuff won’t bend” statement at the S6 reveal last month. The Galaxy S6 is out locally this week.

Last Updated: April 7, 2015

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