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Savy Gamer finds glitch in MW2 – Unarmed enemies

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Lewie Procter from SavyGamer has emailed Activision to complain about the unarmed enemies on the “No Russian” level. Basically as he puts it

“Every time when I get up to Act 1, Mission 4, the game appears to load fine at first, but then when I encounter the first enemies, I discover that nearly all of them have been rendered without weapons. They aren’t even programmed to melee attack either.”

What’s even better is that Activision have sent an official response back to his support request stating

“This does not appear to be a known issue in the game […] Make sure that your Xbox 360 console is in a well ventilated area to prevent overheating”

So the support staff are blissfully unaware of the infamous airport scene where the civilians are unarmed and at the same time manage to get a shot in at his Xbox 360 possibly overheating.

It made my morning.

Source: SavyGamer

Last Updated: November 17, 2009

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