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SAW 3D swipes an old PS3 advertising campaign

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[I have been shown that this is old news already but I went through all the effort of making this beautiful header image so it’s going up anyway. For accuracy we did report on this in July already]

For a company that has been smashed on the web for it’s bizarre advertising campaigns it’s quite interesting to see so many people copying them.

Granted the last campaign that was copied was the previously great Kevin Butler campaign but the Sony ads are in the media again for being blatantly stolen by a lack lustre marketing company.

The makers of the new SAW 3D adverts have taken a little more than a bit of inspiration from a previous PS3 marketing campaign. First up they have the eyeball that we can see in the header image above.

Which by itself could be a coincidence but when it was followed up by the constructed man it becomes pretty obvious where the inspiration really came from.

Not to mention there is a 3rd advert in this bunch which also resembles yet another Sony PS3 advert…

eyeball gamps3ad2530-copy gamps3marketingposter530-copy

Source: OverthinkingIt (via Joystiq)

Last Updated: October 28, 2010

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