Say goodbye to elemental effects on your primary legendary guns in Destiny

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What, you think you’re tough because you got a neat shield, oh Fallen captain? WELL SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND! And once you’re done greeting my genitals, you can talk to my gun as well! It’s a scout rifle, 310 damage and a massive clip of reserve ammo that fires off explosive rounds. It’s also got arc damage bullets and…Wait. Where the hell is my arc damage? IT’S GONE?! DAMMIT DESTINY!

The situation above, may sound eerily familiar. Because you may have noticed that your favourite primary legendary isn’t vomiting out solar, arc or void damage projectiles lately.And it looks like that’s another piece of intentional design, as Bungie’s Luke Smith took to NeoGAF to explain why legendary primary weapons were elements:

Elemental primaries are being left behind. They had the distinct and undesirable property of limiting a broad weapon sandbox to a few weapons. You’re free to disagree, but I strongly prefer the breadth of arsenal options, the potential of finding a better Legendary than you have to being stuck because of a damage color.

Additionally, no Legendary weapons with damage colors has the property of making secondaries and heavies more important because of their damage color.

That’s another big shake-up in terms of the meta-game. That’s going to rule out guns such as the massively-popular Fatebringer hand cannon or Atheon’s Epilogue, leaving the elemental damage tasks to secondary and heavy weapons. It also feels like a slap in the face, for anyone who spent hours upon hours working through raids to get their hands on such rare rifles.

I’ve always leaned towards hand cannons with explosive rounds myself, but with the latest balance challenges in Destiny I’ve also found myself going back to autorifles. My Häkke Zarinea-D is my current go-to primary, because if I can’t land some elemental damage on enemies, then I sure as hell am going to make up for it by firing ALL the bullets possible.

Last Updated: October 26, 2015

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