Scare or be scared with Kaidan – a new asymmetrical horror title on Kickstarter

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When it comes to horror games, the true magic in fear tends to lie in being helpless and alone. The latter in particular, I believe, is probably the most important ingredient. The moment a friend is along for the ride, all fright tends to go out the window. Kaidan however, a new asymmetrical horror title that has popped up on Kickstarter, dismantles that notion somewhat.

You can play it with friends, which by all means, should mean that there will be zero panic. The difference with Kaidan though, lies in the fact that one person is the scarer, and the other is the… scare-ee?

A multiplayer horror game about players becoming storytellers, about the obscure pleasure of scaring others and being scared yourself. We want to take a step forward, exploring new horizons in the horror genre and narrowing the gap between the designer and player more than ever.

It’s a premise that is best witnessed visually. Here’s the Kickstarter trailer (via VG247):

Looks interesting, right? I’m not the biggest fan of the horror genre myself (seriously), but I think I’d happily play Kaidan, especially with friends. I think there’s a lot of fun waiting to be found as both haunter and victim.

For those who care little about either of those roles, there’s a storyteller position that can use filling too. Kaidan allows players to craft their own tale, along with their own traps, enemy selection, puzzles, and even backstory.


On paper, it all sounds good. The only downside I can see is that horror loses it’s value once you know what’s coming. Kaidan has quite a variety of enemies on offer for example, all with their own “weapons” and such, but what happens when a player learns all the tricks of the trade? Will they still find the experience tense and scare-filled? I’m not entirely sure.

Regardless, I think Kaidan has an interesting premise. What about you? Would you back it?

Last Updated: February 29, 2016

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