SCEE Boss to Battle Microsoft

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In the red corner we have the Sony PS3 slim and the PSP Go, and in the blue corner we have its rival the Microsoft Xbox 360. The PS3 and Xbox 360 have been at each others throats for about the last three years now. Some may say it has been a one sided fight, and yes it may seem that way as the one has been throwing more of the punches, a price cut here, a price cut there, jab in a new model.

The other console has been putting up it’s guard and blocking the incoming blows and fighting back, with it’s great selection of software titles and even upper cutting with it’s very own new technology, Blu-ray. But it has always been a nose hair behind. Can it get the Rocky Balboa come back it deserves? It now has some new spirit with the launch of the PS3 Slim (with included price cut) along with the new PSP Go and what looks like the best software line up in its life span.

Sony Europe big man, Andrew House seems to think so.

House says that both the PS3 Slim and PSP Go have given the hardware manufacturer a chance to pull some serious punches against Microsoft in the on-going console battle.

In an interview with website MCV during GamesCom last week, House stated, fairly positively, “We’ve competing very seriously, head-to-head, with Microsoft in Europe right now – and this gives us a major opportunity to do that more aggressively. We have very high hopes for the new PS3 and think it will deliver a significant increase in our sales.”

Not wanting to count he eggs too soon, House seemed optimistic and added, “it’s a little dangerous to make statements like that given the seasonality of our industry and the current climate,” though he still remains confident over Sony’s Q3 & Q4 offerings.

So will the fight be over at the end of this year? Does Sony have what it takes to Knock Out Microsoft, with it’s new punches and very promising software line up? Or should we just call it a draw and praise both consoles for being great contenders.

Last Updated: August 25, 2009

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