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Scheduled PSN downtime: Could it be Home Extended Beta?

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No PSN isn’t broken but it has been down for some maintenance. The Metal Gear Online site has posted this statement saying:

PSN Maintenance 26.08.2008

Maintenance will be undertaken on the “PLAYSTATION(R) NETWORK” between August 26th 16:00-21:00 (BST). During these times, customers may be momentarily unable to connect to the PLAYSTATION(R) Network . Please try after some time should this happen.

After publishing some rumours recently about a possible date for the Home Extended Beta , Playstation news site FeedOnPS3.com is reporting that they think that this maintenance could be more than meets the eye.

On their site, they say the following:

We have just got word that on 08.26.08 (tomorrow) between 8:00-13:00 PDT the PlayStation Network will be down. We are skeptic, but this “Scheduled Maintenance” can be pertaining to the Home Extended Beta, or possibly even Life with PlayStation. This latest rumor would add up with the rumor we have previously reported. Only time can tell what is to come.

Let’s wait and see how things turn out.

source: FeedOnPS3

Last Updated: August 27, 2008

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