Score a next-gen eagle with The Golf Club

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There are many SPERTS games out there, but very few of them happen to be about golf, a sport which I have never ever played, minus that time a rogue golf club hit me in the head when I walked past a club. New-gen tech means that it’s time for some new-gen golfing, in a game that for once doesn’t have Tiger Woods making endorsement cash off of it. Here’s what you can expect to see, in Golf Club.

Under development at HB Studios, Golf Club is an adaptation of the game that will feature procedurally-generated courses, that can be shared amongst players. A full editing suite is also on hand, should players want to create their own version of the Hunger Games with 18 holes.

Golf, a sport which I believe is about seeing who can get the angriest after repeatedly missing the ball with each subsequent stroke and then measuring the distance between your rage and how far you threw your oddly-shaped metal stick to see who has the most powerful shout of four, has been around for tens of years.

Golf Club (1)Golf Club (2)Golf Club (3)Golf Club (4)

Golf Club (5)Golf Club (6)Golf Club (7)Golf Club (8)

Golf Club (9)Golf Club (10)Golf Club (11)Golf Club (12)

Golf Club (13)Golf Club (14)Golf Club (15)Golf Club (16)

Originally created by Matt Damon and Future Will Smith for a movie in 1930, the sport rapidly grew in popularity when comedian Rodney Dangerfield told upper class white people “Hey this is all right, you’re all ok hey!”. During the 1990s, Golf saw another surge in popularity when game show host Bob Barker combined it with karate to beat the ever-loving sh** out of Adam Sandler during the Happy Gilmore tournament.

Golf Club is out later this year, for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. Now let’s dance!

Last Updated: January 24, 2014

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