Be a scruffy-haired, giant sword-toting god with new Final Fantasy VII cheats

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Final Fantasy VII is being remade, and the way that Square-Enix is doing it has some people riled up. The episodic format and the new, modernised combat system have caused concern, with long-time fans upset that the company’s not preserving the sanctity of their beloved game.

No matter what Square-Enix does with Final Fantasy 7 Remake, there’s no way they’ll keep everyone happy. For people who are upset about that game and the direction it’s headed in, there’s the PS4 Port of the PC port of the PlayStation game, available to download and play right now.

The port does, however, contain some cheats and extra features that’ll make playing the game a doddle. One of them is something I’ve used extensively when playing older games in emulators – and that’s speeding the game up so that I can get through annoying bits more quickly.

The other ones? Straight up cheats. Here they are courtesy of IGN:

Avoiding Random Encounters

To avoid all random encounters, simply press down on L3 and R3 simultaneously. This will toggle random encounters off. Pressing these buttons again will toggle the feature back on.

An icon will appear onscreen acknowledging the cheat is active.

Triple Game Speed

To speed up the game, simply press down the L3 stick. This will toggle 3X speed on. Pressing L3 again will toggle this feature off. This affects all in-game activities, including some cut scenes.

An icon will appear onscreen acknowledging the cheat is active.

Refill Health and Limit Break Meters

To refill all health and limit breaks, simply press down the R3 stick.

An icon will appear onscreen acknowledging the cheat is active.

I miss the old days, when cheats were in games, but required 15-button-long presses in sequences that would make your fingers twist up; they always felt so damned satisfying. These are single buttons!

Still, I have no problem with these cheats, and would probably use them myself if I were to play this game, only because I’ve played through it so many times already. Final Fantasy VII ‘s PS4 port is on PSN right now, and costs R159.

Last Updated: December 9, 2015

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