Sea Of Thieves – How to fix GreyBeard, FluffyBeard and LavenderBeard error codes

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AVAST YE MATEY! There’s an entire ocean out there waiting to be explored, as Rare sails back into the mainstream this week with Sea of Thieves. Getting your hands on Microsoft’s console and PC exclusive Sea of Thieves may not be a challenge, but understanding some of the error codes that might be hitting ye mighty vessel could leave you in a state where you want to keelhaul the person nearest to you.

Here’s a quick rundown of why you’re getting certain errors, and how you can fix them.

AshBeard error code

All you have to do to fix this, is sign into Xbox Live. Easy.

AlabasterBeard error code

No Xbox Live connection could be found, or the signal has been lost. Bummer. Check your settings.

AllmondBeard error code

No Xbox Live connection could be found, or the signal has been lost. Double bummer. Check your settings.

AvocadoBeard error code

Did someone forget to renew or buy an Xbox Live Gold Subscription? Because that’s exactly what has happened, if you see this error code. You got to pay to play yo.


Your game client needs an update before you can go plunder, my dudes.

BronzeBeard error code

Same as CinnamonBead, a connection error is stopping your pilfering. One hard reset later, and you should be good to go.

CinnamonBeard error code

If this error code pops into view, it’s most likely due to a connection error. The best way to sort this salty dog out is by doing a hard quit on your Xbox One console from the Xbox Home menu.

CyanBeard error code

No Xbox Live connection could be found, or the signal has been lost. Triple Bummer. Check your settings.

FishBeard error code

Rare is still working on what exactly a FishBeard error code is, with the developer suggesting that you handle some solo adventuring until the issue is fixed according to Rare.

FluffyBeard error code

The servers have been scuttled! Stand by for maintenance then, as Rare patches them up.

GreyBeard error code

Rare hasn’t yet detailed the GreyBeard error code but players are suggesting it’s to do with matchmaking. Keep an eye out for a solution soon.

KiwiBeard error code

Only one account can play Sea of Thieves, so if a multiple series of Gamertags are running you’re going to have to start booting them from your account.


Rare has gotten addicted to grinding in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. No wait, it means that something has gone their side and they’re racing to fix it.

LavenderBeard error code

Your pesky antivirus and firewalls are killing your connection to Sea of Thieves, so tinker with them a little bit and avoid dodgy websites that rhyme with Shmittical Dip from now on.

LazyBeard error code

Listen matey, stop being lazy and actually do something in Sea of Thieves. Your lazy butt has been kicked from the servers because of your inaction. Or you’re passed out from drinking too much grog again. Restart and rejoin a game.

Last Updated: March 20, 2018

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