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Seems like the Wii U won Gamescom

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Gamescom is great for reminding us how our wallet will be abused in the coming months. This year’s conferences weren’t the most interesting, but the games on show really help boost some pre-orders for this year and next year. Surpringly, the company without a conference benefitted the most.
Amazon has released their weekly pre-order figures which show just how many people took the plunge and started swiping their credit cards early. This gives a relatively good indication of how Gamescom affected pre-orders during the week, with Amazon collecting statics for each platform. Seems like despite not having a conference, Nintendo gained the most traction.

During Gamescom, there was a 8.67 percent increase in pre-orders for Wii U titles, beating both the Ps4 and Xbox One. Sony’s console saw a 5.16 percent increase in pre-orders, while the Xbox One only saw a 2.81 percent increase. It’s important to note that these don’t refer to the percentage of pre-orders made, but rather how much growth was seen in comparison to the pervious week.

Despite the internet outrage, Rise of the Tomb Raider was one of the most pre-ordered titles during Gamescom week, with Quantum Break, Hyrule Warriors and Bloodborne following closely. Project Cars took top honors however, grabbing the most pre-orders during the seven day period.

So you could kind of say that Nintendo benefitted the most out of Gamescom. How about them apples hey?

Last Updated: August 22, 2014

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