Sega buys Atlus for $140 million

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Ever had some cash, a burning hole in your pocket and your eyes set on something that could make you some premium bucks in the future? Sega certainly did, as they just forked out over $140 million to buy cult game developer Atlus.

Well, more than Atlus to be precise. Sega recently bought the parent of that developer, Index Holdings in a wider deal. Said deal now gives Sega access to not only just the talented staff at Atlus, but their entire catalogue of games as well.

Index Holdings had no choice but to sell Atlus and other properties this year, after they declared themselves bankrupt in June to the tune of $200 Million. Atlus was one of their few holdings that was still making any cash, thanks in part to developed and published games such as Persona Arena and Catherine.

There’ll probably be some corporate restructuring at Atlus in the months to come. Hopefully the staff that gets the eventual pink slip doesn’t take the whole matter too…Persona-lly.

Last Updated: September 18, 2013

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