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Sega puts Bayonetta on hiatus

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You totally read the first line in his voice, didn't you?

Bad news everyone. For all you fans of leggy and leather-clad witches, you might want to brace yourself, as it appears that the sexy sorceress won’t be on the receiving end of a sequel to the popular 2010 game any soon, due to Sega having currently lost more money than a Paul McCartney marriage.

Additionally, thanks to a lack of support from the publisher towards the developer of the original game, Platinum Games, it now seems that the hairy witch has been put on indefinite hold.

Speaking to SPOnG, a Sega source revealed that the sequel, which was in the early stages of pre-production and would have featured a new playable character as well, has been dropped from the publishers line-up of games, due to severe financial issues, which have also seen the departure of quite a few Sega employees.

For Sega, even though Bayonetta 2 would turn a profit eventually, were it to be released, it would be far too small, and would consume too many resources in its production, for a game that it sees as belonging to a niche audience, a risky move for the publisher right now.

Bayonetta 2 may be eventually developed and released however, once Sega starts making a profit that is as positively curvaceous as the witch herself, but it won’t be anytime soon. Which is sad news for fans such as myself, who have a thing for leggy ladies in skin-tight leather.

Which means that I’ll just have to watch an Underworld movie in the interim. Again.

Last Updated: May 2, 2012

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