Settle a grudge in the Total War: Warhammer dwarven campagin

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TWWH Campaign ThorgrimGrudgebearer
Total War: Warhammer is coming, and it’s promising to combine to beloved franchises. With the mechanics of Total War and the lore of Warhammer, it seems like a match made in heaven. We have already seen videos about the campaigns, but this one about the Dwarfs looks particularly intriguing.

Here is the latest trailer using Alpha gameplay footage.

I’m sure Total War fans will be excited to see how the map, deal-making and army movement works, but I’m most interested in the Dwarf-specific grudge mechanic. We already knew they were staying true to the grudge elements in the military units, but it’s fun how they integrated Thorgrim Grudgebearer’s lore into actual game mechanics. As enemy factions wrong you, the grudge will be written in your book. You need to avenge these grudges in order to get rewards, as well as keep morale up. If you fail to right those wrongs, other factions will refuse to work with you and you could fail as a dwarf. Sounds like fun.

Coming April 28th, Total War: Warhammer will eventually include all the various fantasy armies. Of course some people are upset that their army of choice isn’t included in the base game and will only be available as DLC, but with the huge range of factions to choose from, I think everyone will be happy eventually. Having already shown off the Greenskins, Empire and Dwarves, with Vampire Counts getting featured presumably on the 15th of March (the Ides of March), there is already a ton of content in the base game. That said, those who don’t like these factions will probably be better served waiting for bundled versions to go on sale later this year, or a Game of the Year edition with all DLC included.

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It’s too late for me, though. I’ve already pre-ordered the sexy Collector’s Edition. How could I say no to buying a version with a Grudge Ring that doubles as a die for my grungier half?

Last Updated: March 4, 2016

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