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Severe allegations against a high profile Twitch community member have surfaced

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[Warning] This article contains allegation of serious and disturbing sexual assault.

Rob Forbes is a 5FM radio DJ and is well known in the local South African gaming community as an active member. A few days back, he tweeted out a video which contains some extremely serious and disturbing allegations against an anonymous, but apparently well-known, individual in the South African Twitch community.

This means he could be a streamer, PR rep, team boss, esports competitor etc.

My instant reaction was one of revulsion, and then immediately I wanted the young lady to come out and name and shame the individual. Unfortunately, I also understand her being hesitant as she would then almost certainly be subjected to abuse from the anonymous keyboard warriors on the Internet.

It is such an incredibly difficult position to be stuck in and I can’t imagine the emotional trauma she is going through.

A big credit to Rob for putting himself out there and showing this isn’t acceptable in any way or form. If you know who the criminal is, please don’t keep quiet about this. We cannot allow rapists to continue to get away with this. This scumbag needs to be de-platformed and jailed before he does this to even more people.

At the same time, it is important to not start a witch hunt, but there is a difference between spreading rumours about someone you think could be problematic and keeping secret about a known rapist. If you do truly know who this person is, then the authorities need to know.

I think what disappoints me just as much about the entire story is that 5FM, a radio station account with over 1 million Twitter followers, posted this video a few days ago and it has barely had any reaction. It’s as if the world just accepted it and that’s depressing

We believe victims and we believe their stories. We stand against this sort of abuse in our community.

If anyone reading this has gone through something similar, please contact a support group like POWA. They can counsel you through this and support you with laying charges to get awful human beings locked up.

Last Updated: August 18, 2020

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