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Streamers are protesting Twitch’s audio takedowns with acapella covers and mute sit-ins

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Twitch has been… well, let’s be generous and say that the streaming site has been acting rather strangely since October this year. The platform has been striking and deleting several videos over copyright claims without actually making the streamers who produced the videos aware of the situation.

Most of these DCMA strikes seem to be a result of a copyright claim made due to the unlicensed use of a piece of music or audio. Which is pretty unreasonable, since the games people are playing definitely have that stuff licensed. Twitch eventually clarified that the number of DCMA complaints lodged by major companies and record labels has recently surged exponentially since May of this year. So was the solution to implement a system of oversight to better monitor and handle the situation?

Nope, certainly not. Instead, Twitch recommended that streamers simply stream with the game audio muted. Which is a terrible idea for rhythm gamers. Or anyone who actually wants to get the full experience out of the game.

Of course, such is the age of the internet within which we live, people weren’t all that stoked on Twitch’s recommendation and protested it… by doing exactly what they were told. Streamers have begun to upload clips of themselves streaming without audio to Twitter under the hashtag #DMCAsoundoff. While it sounds pretty ineffective, it’s actually staggering to watch some of these games without audio.

Checking out the hashtag on Twitter, you’ll be met by loads of clips of people playing Beat Saber without audio, Osu on mute and, Rockband with the dulcet tones of strings being pointless plucked and, my personal favourite, Resident Evil 2 with nothing but mouth-made sound effects.


Will this silent protest actually have an effect on Twitch and prompt the organisation to do anything about the issue? At least its given us some absolute gold to laugh at. Maybe the future of game audio just requires a heavy emphasis on tongue sounds?

Last Updated: November 16, 2020

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