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SexFit is a pedometer for your penis

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You know we’ve been trying to bring you more gadget and tech reviews here at Lazygamer. When I saw this, I just couldn’t help myself – I had to share the glorious new invention with all of you. Seeing as I’m currently wearing a Sony SmartBand for review, this seemed to hit rather close to, um, home.

UK-based sex toy outlet, Bondara (via HuffingtonPost), has revealed a new prototype for SexFit, the world’s first couple’s sexual fitness tracker. Much like a FitBit, SmartBand or Gear, it’s all about tracking your activity, improving and becoming more fit. While I will be reviewing my beloved Smart Band soon, I’m not equipped to review this particular device:

Worn at the base of the penis and connected to a free mobile app via Bluetooth, this hi-tech cock ring not only stimulates a harder erection with the tight band but tracks your performance during sex using internal technology similar to a pedometer.

Vibrations can be set to a ‘pacing mode’ in time to a pre-set rhythm; matching the rhythm with your thrusts can ensure maximum stimulation, and I’m assuming a higher score rate. I wonder if there’s a combo bonus. The app tracks performance in key areas, including calories burned and thrusts per minute, but it’s the following quote that made me giggle a bit too much:

Much like other similar fitness tracker innovations, the SexFit allows the most dedicated users to share and compare their favourite sessions and impressive individual milestones with their peers on social media.

If this prototype goes, um, big, I could end up getting your sex stats on my Facebook news feed? No thanks! I really don’t need to read about how my friend not-so-little Timmy hit a new milestone of 77 thrusts per minute. I understand that sex toys are evolving, and this could be quite a cool gimmick for a popular device, but I don’t think it needs to go social. Somehow, in this time of oversharing everything, I like the idea of some kind of privacy.

Has the fitness craze just extended to its natural next step, or is this a sign that we are taking tech too far? Will this device offer daily quotas like my Smart Band? Currently I can clearly see if I don’t get enough sleep, or take enough steps in a day. What about a thrust count per day?

Last Updated: January 4, 2017

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