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Turn that finger tapping into a new sick beat with Music Fingers

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I can be a pretty annoying person to sit next to as I have a tendency to tap on things as I listen to music and try to solve a problem. It’s a habit that I know many people have as they mimic their favourite music artists either in the form of air-guitaring and drumming or the even more annoying tapping I do.

So, it’s great there are gadgets coming out that allow us to create music in different ways and perhaps turn some of those annoying finger taps into the hope of possible offbeat music-making. Something which this new wearable device titled Music Fingers is hoping to provide inspiration to the many wannabe musicians out there and give them a new way of making music and, who knows, one day creating a new generation of musicians who simply move their fingers around to bring their latest hit to life.

It’s a clip-like device that goes on your finger and sort of looks like any pulse reader you’d see in a hospital. The clip then connects to the Music Fingers app on your smartphone via Bluetooth, where sounds or loops can be assigned to the clip’s two buttons. Once that’s done, start playing by tapping away. Hopefully, over time, more loops or beats can be assigned to more clips creating even more variety in what a person can do and the music they come up with.

It’s a rather unique idea that is currently trying to get kickstarted and at the pre-order price of $70 (R1200) is hoping to appeal to those inner tappers like me who might as well turn all of that energy into something a little more creative.  

Last Updated: February 26, 2020

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