Sexy and Creepy Metroid Fan art

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Last week we posted up some creepy gaming fan art and to start this week of with a bang we have some sexy or creepy Metroid fan art depending on your personal preference I guess.

Here are my favourite ones and then click through to TheKartel below to see the rest.

54adeebee5e26047e9db7287a851861b a74249adb5628f77779846c3fc3c191e dedcd1131c15e040d1f5a5b69d1a9265140a98a2d22729b1a6df2cdc561b4f17 Samus Aran ead36ffb31f2ef1d587010df5142fdd0 a5e8d172e7736771b807fb4b3899fffa aa3ac4f54463a8773cf122fab52ad9a9

Source: TheKartel

Last Updated: August 30, 2010

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