Shadow of Mordor developers hiring for sequel?

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Mordor nemesis

Shadow of Mordor was a surprise success last year. It had the incredible Nemesis system which actually managed to do what so many studios try to achieve – innovative gameplay. Of course we knew that they would have to do more, with that universe and with the Nemesis system. Well, it looks like they’re ready to get that ball rolling.

Over on parent company Time Warner’s hiring portal (thanks GameSpot), there are now 26 openings to go help Monolith make a new game. Just check out the range of what they want:

  • Producer
  • Production Assistant
  • Senior Artist, World
  • Associate Software Engineer
  • Senior Artist, Lighting
  • Artist, World
  • Senior Designer, Missions
  • Lead Designer, World
  • Lead Artist, Concept
  • Associate Software Engineer, Gameplay
  • Art Lead, Animation
  • Senior Designer, Social
  • Producer
  • Staff Character Artist
  • Lead Designer, UI
  • System/Network Technician
  • Technical Art Director
  • Senior Software Engineer, Graphics
  • Staff Software Engineer, Graphics
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Senior Software Engineer, AI
  • Staff Software Engineer, Engine
  • Lead Designer, Missions
  • Staff Artist, World
  • Cinematic Director
  • Senior Artist, UI

It’s sometimes staggering to think just how many people go into making games – this isn’t even close to the full team that they’ll need, but at least they’re grabbing people to improve the open world missions and other aspects of the upcoming game. It looks to me like they’re working towards a new Shadow or Mordor game, particularly because it’s mentioned as a selling point in each of the vacancies.

I am excited to see where they go next with the game. The Nemesis system was such a brilliant concept, one that no other game has really topped in terms of immersion and unique gameplay for each player. Everyone had a different Nemesis and I loved that I could actually remember how my enemies rose through the ranks. Here’s hoping we see more soon – and if not for a sequel to Shadow of Mordor, perhaps one for No One Lives Forever.


Last Updated: June 23, 2015

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