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Shadow of Mordor’s Ratbag is a dirty rat

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Ratbag Shadow of Mordor

Who cares about honour among thieves? There isn’t even honour among orcs. In this latest story trailer for Shadow of Mordor, Ratbag is your right-hand orc.

Just check out how whiny and conniving he is:

I suppose Ratbag is supposed to be the plot-based element of the nemesis system. He will help you, and in return you assist him in climbing the ranks of the orcs. Sounds fair to me. Besides, I already planned on possessing all the orcs I could – I love the idea of branding them to make future battles easier. Plus, it just seems more devious to turn my nemeses against each other.

I know, the lore fanatics among you might find this a bit far fetched – how could Sauron be all powerful and all seeing, particularly in Mordor, but not know that his own war chief is actually a traitor? I’m going to go with there being special powers and maybe he finds out or maybe it’s a plot twist somewhere down the line. They seem to be keeping pretty close to the lore, so I can’t imagine that they would do something like this without an explanation that will at least placate the hard-core Tolkien fans.

This game just keeps looking better and better. It is visually stunning, and I’m really happy to see how multidimensional the story is. There seems to be a lot to this game – many many hours to get lost in. September can’t come and go soon enough; Shadow of Mordor is definitely a game that I’m excited to sink my teeth into.

Last Updated: September 1, 2014

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