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Shagagamer.com and GTA–Match made in heaven

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The gamer hook up site, shagagamer.com, should be a parody site but it really isn’t. It really does exist and it actually looks like people are using it. Now the owner of the site wants to chat to Rockstar about getting his site put into GTA V.

It’s an obvious ploy for free marketing from Shagagamer but if I had a vote I’d agree to it. Simply put,  GTA’s in-world websites and radio stations have always been totally over the top and this site would fit in perfectly.

You could browse to the site via some Internet cafe and then head across town to find your perfect shag before the lust timer runs out. It would add an interesting and utterly pointless side mission to the game and really wouldn’t seem out of place at all.  It’s never going to happen but it would be cool if it was.

Oh and if you really think this is all still a joke then check out this instructional video on how nerdy gamers can pick up hot chicks and score… it’s quite sad really.

How to pull a Sexy Gamer Girl by DateAGamer

Hey she used the word buffer that must mean she really is a sexy gamer girl…

The best part of the whole site is that they have these sexy ladies fawning over someone who so desperately needs to see the sun.


Last Updated: August 1, 2013

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