speaks out against the “worrying trend” of higher prices

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9 has been chatting to Eurogamer about the recent price increase (In Europe not here) of Modern Warfare 2.

Basically the common belief is that Activision has pushed up the price simply because they can and the game will still sell that that price. Now I am not entirely against that idea, I like the freemarket principle and if the game is worth a premium and you think it will sell then you should be able to price it at that.

However it looks like 2 other titles have already jumped on the premium pricing bandwagon, Forza 3 and Professor Layton have both recently received an increased RRP which worrying sign.

If you don’t feel the game should be more expensive than the normal titles then there is a simple solution, don’t buy it until it drops in price, that’s the beauty of free market.

The boss, Igor Cipoletta, has also spoken about how the recent price increase of the Nintendo Wii in Europe has failed with stock levels increasing and retailers resorting to bundles and sales to get the things through the door.

Who would have thought that increasing the price of aging technology was a bad idea… Now where’s that huge price cut that we all know is possible?

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: July 30, 2009

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