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Is Silverlight coming to the Xbox 360?

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Silverlight was invented by Microsoft to put a stop to the Adobe juggernaut, Flash, which was at the time taking over the Internet and plotting world domination.

It unfortunately didn’t work as there was no real reason for any of the existing developers to switch from Flash to Silverlight and seeing that Flash virtually had total penetration (perfect name for a porn movie) it didn’t make sense for new developers to use Silverlight instead of Flash.

So it wasn’t any surprise when the rumours of Silverlight’s demise were springing around the Internet but the one thing about Microsoft is that it’s insane to rule them out of any fight early. They’ve gone back to the think tank and found a way to breathe new life into the technology.

By creating platforms that can only run with Silverlight, it’s what Microsoft is good at really.

So now we have the WP7 phones which have a pile of games and applications successfully running on Silverlight and now the latest rumour is that we are going to be getting a dashboard update in the near future which will allow Silverlight applications to run on the Xbox 360 opening up the way for all those WP7 apps to be ported to the Xbox.

Now I for one am pretty excited about this seeing that I can actually develop in Silverlight and wouldn’t mind trying to create an Angry Birds clone that will run on the Xbox 360.

But whether this is really going to help anyone else is still debateable, if it does then Microsoft has succeeded in creating a viable new development platform which will be seen as yet another nail in the Adobe Flash coffin thanks to the numerous death blows already reigned down on it by Apple and their refusal to allow Flash on their platforms.

Source: Winrumors

Last Updated: April 6, 2011

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