Sim City free trial as bad as their launch?

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Simcity trial

Oh EA, why can’t you just get it right? After an abysmal launch of Sim City, followed by a 180 on the whole “we can’t just make it offline for single player” claim, Sim City hasn’t done as well as it should have. EA wants to give you a chance to try it, risk free. But it’s not quite as cool as it sounds.

According to the trial’s FAQs, players will have access to the single-player mode in to regions: Cape Trinity and Reflection Atoll. You’ll get two save slots to play with which sounds like a little until you hear the time restriction.

The SimCity Free Trial is 4 hours long. The trial timer starts as soon as you launch SimCity and will run continuously until its conclusion 4 hours later. You can enter and exit the Free Trial game as often as you want during the trial time, however the Free Trial will end after 4 hours even if you are not playing at the time.

Four hours is all EA is willing to give you. That’s four hours from launch, so you better not schedule any pee breaks or meals or you’ll miss out on the measly time you’re getting. The trial is only available for PC, so Mac users will miss out on this one, and of course you’ll need Origin to play.

On the upside, you’ll get to see if Sim City is worth your money, and you can transfer your saves to the full game if you choose to purchase it when your four hours are up.

What do you think – am I just contributing to the whiny gamer approach or is this a bit of a lame “free trial”? Does this make you feel better or worse about EA’s handling of Sim City?

Last Updated: August 6, 2014

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