SimCity now allows modding with EA’s blessing

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Show me the money

SimCity hasn’t had the easiest time since it’s arrival with the small city sizes and always online requirement raising the ire of many a gamer. Personally I still love jumping into the game every now and then and attempting to build my empire.

Unfortunately I normally end up going bankrupt and abandoning my dream for someone else, better than me, to take over. However SimCity may be about to get a huge new influx of gamers with the official EA announcement that they are now allowing mods for the game.

You can read all about it on their official announcement here but in a nutshell they are asking people to customise the experience and the rules are pretty straight forward.

No messing with leaderboards or the multiplayer experience, no using copyright images etc and no selling of mods.

That’s it. Apart from that you pretty much have free rein and since they haven’t said anything about pornography I expect someone out there to quickly create new skins so that all the sims walking around are perfect human specimens without clothes on and the next addition to the casino is the inevitable strip club. I also expect that clause to be added in quite quickly once the Internet gets hold of the idea.

Mostly though, I expect the first really useful mod would be one that increases the rather limiting size of the cities. 

But now thinking about it what would you like to see added to SimCity in the way of disasters, new buildings, skins or simply something I haven’t thought of? I would like to be able to add Anfield to my town and then also to have fighter jets that can bomb my neighours’ into oblivion…

Last Updated: January 13, 2014

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