Sims have four times more sex than humans

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Ah, the Sims. That glorious game that’s all about replicating what life could be if only we had the perfect career, family and home. Or were left to drown in swimming pools. EA has released an infographic showing what everyone has been up to and it’s great to see that we aspire to having such active sex lives.

Here is the full infographic for your viewing pleasure.

EA TheSims4 Infographic Finaljpg

I find the love lives particularly interesting here. 40% of Sims are married as compared to 51% of US adults. Meanwhile, only 2% of Sims get divorced as compared to 40% of US adults. I’m totally going to attribute that to the next stat; Sims had 105 million “woohoos” since launch. That means that the average Sim has four times more woohoo per month than the average US married couple. I wonder how these compare to South African couples.

The deaths section is a bit surprising to me. 32% of Sims die of old age, with 18% going from hunger and 14% by fire. I suppose considering that pools weren’t available at launch we don’t really know the accurate stats about drowning. Still, I’m always amazed at the ways Sims can die, especially as 3 000 deaths were by laughter. Who knew that humor was so dangerous?

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It’s cool to see these numbers and they certainly are impressive considering that the game has only been out for six months. If people have been this getting their Sims together and making all kinds of exciting things happen, just imagine what the numbers will be after the next few expansions.

Last Updated: March 11, 2015

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