Single Player Screens & Video From StarCraft II

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So Blizzard’s long anticipated and highly debated sequel to their popular title StarCraft is getting ever closer to release. Now I think its safe to say that I’m a total fanboy of the title and can’t wait to get into StarCraft 2. With all the new weapons, machinery and units, as well as the return of some of our favorite characters, who wouldn’t be stoked about it?

Well if you feel the same or even if you don’t, I suggest you take a look at the screens below and refrain from dropping your jaw at the video. Take note of some of the intuitive A.I. and semi-interactive environments. Also it looks like the mission narrations and characters may just be far more involved in the actual gameplay. The screens also suggest that we may see a hell-of-a lot more detail as far as the worlds and character interaction are concerned.

So go ahead and check it out… “Outstanding!” – (Terrain Grunt)

sc1.jpg sc2.jpg sc3.jpg sc4.jpg sc5.jpg sc6.jpg

Source: incgamers & incgamers

Last Updated: August 17, 2009

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