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Six minutes of No Man’s Sky exploration is worrying

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IGN is having a month of No Man’s Sky exclusive first looks. It looks like they just locked Sean Murray in their theater and played through the latest build of the game, later chopping it into video-sized pieces. However, this time, they let IGN reporter, Ryan McCaffrey, take control and the results aren’t as cool as I’d hoped.

I had imagined that I’d spend much of my time exploring the various planets, but I won’t do it like it’s done in this video. Also, warning: if you suffer from any form of FPS nausea of simulator sickness, this might cause you to feel a bit queasy.

I know it’s just watching someone man the controls who doesn’t know what he’s doing, but I feel rather underwhelmed. I’d glad they cut back to the people in the theater every now and then because at least I could see the gleeful smile on McCaffrey’s face, even if I didn’t feel the same. Why did he just wander aimlessly? Why did he shoot that poor creature? I just have no idea what he was doing and it felt like a waste of precious few minutes with the game. Plus, thanks to his camera skills, I felt a bit ill while watching.

I’m not a fan of watching new players figure out Minecraft, nor do I like watching people figure out much of any game. I’m not claiming that I will be better at No Man’s Sky when I eventually get my hands on it, but I’m just rather disappointed. The video feels soulless and the game seems boring. I’m sure it’s more a result of having someone play it who doesn’t know what he’s doing, but it does not put the game in the best light.

What a shame – I’m still excited for No Man’s Sky, but I don’t have that same gut feeling about it. Maybe I just need a Valoid.

Last Updated: July 21, 2015

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