Skate 2 – Tony Hawk is shaking in his boots… err, sneakers.

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This latest video of Skate 2 has just confirmed to me that I need this game with such immediacy that I may just book a plane ticket to the developers country so that I can steal some early code out of their offices. Do they have HDTV’s in jail? They do, right?

Seriously now, the features for this game are looking absolutely incredible. Not only will your character now be able to get off of his board and walk, they have added the ability to move objects around, run out of failed attempts (as opposed to just falling flat on your face), hippie jumps, kicking your board away, running and jumping back onto your board, handplants, acid drops… heck, this game nearly has everything.

I was very impressed with the first Skate due to the fact that it refreshed the entire genre and did things so differently. This video makes me realise how many great features it was actually still missing, so I cannot wait to waste hours and hours of my life away again, skating the streets and nailing some smooth lines.

Skate 2 and Prison, here I come.

[*Ed] It all sounded cool until I got to the end of the video and then it became an absolute must have… yes I have a violent streak… it defines me.

Last Updated: September 30, 2008

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