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Skate 4 is a half-pipe dream, EA confirms

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Skate 4

Skateboarding games, maaaaaaaan. There’s something fantastic about taking a plank, slapping some wheels on to it and then seeing how much abuse the human body can take when you go downhill and attempt to slap gravity in the face before the ghost of Sir Isaac Newton appears to drop an RKO of physics on you from outta nowhere.

Which is probably why skateboarding games are a safer alternative. And why I’m banned from developing games after I programmed the avatar in my skateboarding project to actually feel genuine pain when players crashed and burned. Point is, is that skateboarding games have always been a part of any generation of gamers or consoles.

Most of you grew up with Papa Roach’s Blood Brothers single on a loop for Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 (THREE IS STILL THE BEST, GEOFF), while a later generation of skateboarding fans would take EA’s Skate out for a spin. Unlike Activision’s high-flying franchise, Skate felt like the kind of game that Rodney Mullen would develop if he wasn’t busy being amazing everywhere with his skills.

Skate 4 (2)

Down to earth with a distinct street flavour and a novel idea to map tricks to the right analogue stick, Skate was the stuff. We got three games in that franchise, before EA finally called it a day. Three glorious games, with hopes up high that this would be the year that Skate 4 was finally announced. And after an Electronic Arts community manager tweeted “Skate 4”, everybody was ready for an announcement. I mean, that’s about as official as it gets right?

You might want to sit down for this one then, as EA isn’t planning on making America skate again. So sayeth EA CEO Andrew Wilson at an earnings call this week via GameSpot, confirming that Skate was not “presently” in development. News which is apparently crushing for EA CFO Blake Jorgensen, as that dude is a fan of the series.

Well crap. Still, at least you can play Skate 3 on Xbox One now. Which is better than nothing. Now stand over there and watch me bust a 1080 broken testicle on that gnarly rail over there.


Last Updated: February 1, 2017

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