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Skate It – Balance Board Demo

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This video marks the first time that we see how the Nintendo Balance board is going to work in the Nintendo Wii version of the newly popular Skate franchise.

Although they discuss how the balance board works they have actually done very little to explain how all the tricks are actually going to work. They explain that by leaning back on the board you will ollie and by leaning on the front you would perform a nollie. I somehow doubt that a 360 flip will require you to do something similar to an advanced level of Dance Dance Revolution. My guess is that the ollie will be performed with the board and then the trick itself will be performed by flicking the wiimote.

Either way this could prove to be a lot of fun and the balance board will add an interesting element to you balance in grinds and manuals. I hope they don’t mess this up because I actually think that they may be onto something here.

Last Updated: September 8, 2008

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